About the cattery

Welcome you to our website - Nursery Bengal cats!

   When I first saw a Bengal cat it forever captivated me! Shining in the sun like gold wool, the leopard color and its wild appearance all perfectly combined in one small animal of extraordinary beauty – the Bengal cat. At the family table we decided to breed only this breed. Our nursery is located in Kaiserslautern, Germany. That is why we have chosen the name KAISERBENGAL.

Our Bengal cats live with us and are well socialized. Surrounded with love and affection. And the biggest and most directly input of love and affection to the cats comes from our children.

   All our cats are full members of our family! They play, sleep with us! They roam freely around the house. They are not kept in cages and aviaries. Every newcomer brings us joy and is an exciting event. We provide special attention to the mother and the kittens.
The kittens get a full variety of food, accustomed to the tray and kittens. Our cats eat only feed Royal Canin premium quality raw meat of chicken and beef.

   Carefully we have selected the workers for our nursery. We choose to breed cats from the very best lines of the Bengal breed to get spectacular Bengal kittens. Also regularly we have conducts by veterinarians to identify and test for Pk Def / FeLV / FIV / FIP. We specialize in breeding Bengal cats classic color - "Outlet gold" from bright sunny warm to cool shades of brown. In the future we plan to work with snow color. Our cattery strives to produce healthy cats, with a very friendly nature and high quality of Bengal cats - the most relevant standards similar to its wild ancestor of ALC (Asian leopard cat).

In the video section you can watch some moments of our cat’s life.
Thank you for visiting our side. I hope you like our cats and kitties.

Enjoy :)